Winter fleeces

New Year’s day welcomed in the “coldest days of the year” here in Naples, Florida.

That’s a bad way to say it, actually, since the “year” has only just begun.

What I mean by “year” is of course “winter,”

Or rather “non-summer,” say, from October to March when cold fronts from the continent send cooler air our way.

It’s hard to call that air truly cold …

And not just relative to “up north” on the continent,

Even here in Florida, up in Tallahassee (and granted, that’s north), several nights have already plunged below freezing.

Regardless, cold is cold because it’s relatively so:

Year rounders – sticking out like penguins among a flock of flamingos – are all wearing winter fleeces,

Tourists, on the other hand, are in T-shirts and bathing suits thinking it’s no big deal.

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