Winter freeze

Take a look at the Naples and Tallahasee temperature graphs below, or click into the data dashboard to view more graphs. Orange shows daytime highs — the dots are the dailies and the lines are the 7-day average. Dark blue shows night-time lows. The average daytime high and night time low are shown by the light-blue band in the background. The white lines show last year’s record — letting you compare last year to this year at a glance. Last year we had that initial November burst of cold, followed by two months of very mild weather — even by Naples standards, before plunging into more cold at the end of the winter in February, after which temperatures gradually rose until spring.

Peninsular Florida has experienced a bit a warm spell over the past few weeks — not including the cold air that just came in.

Daytime highs in Naples have been hovering in the low to mid 80s. Even up where Florida connects to the rest of the continent at Tallahassee, day-time highs reached up into the low 80s. That warm streak was mirror up in Atlanta where they’ve touched up at record highs (in the upper 70s) this December.

Night-time lows are not so similar. In Naples, the nights have been dropping in the mid 60s for the past few weeks. In Tallahassee, night-time lows have been splashing around plus or minus 10 degrees around the low 40s line — which is similar to what Atlanta has seen.

That’s funny because as a mid-Atlanic native by birth, I always regarded Atlanta as a southern city without winter extremes. I see it differently now that I’ve been in south Florida for 9 years.

January is — over the long-term — is Florida’s coldest month. Naples’ January daytime highs average around 75° and night-time lows drop into the mid 50s. Compare that to upstate in Tallahassee where daytime highs in January — over the long haul — average in the low 60s, and night-time lows average in the high 30s. On the other extreme, compar that to Key West — at Florida’s southernmost extreme — where daytime highs in January average around 75° F and night-time lows average around 65° F.

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