Winter is here! (Definitions may vary)

Winter doesn’t simultaneously arrive to Florida on one date.

It varies depending on how far south on the peninsula you live.

North Floridians use
the 60° line to mark
the start of fall

Take for instance Tundra-bound Tallahassee:

The long-term average daily nighttime temperature drops below 60° starting the second or third week of October. Farther south in Naples, citizens have to wait until the fourth week of November to feel the same night air.

Not too much farther south you don’t feel it at all.

For almost the entire keys, the long-term average daily nighttime temperature never drops below 60°.

For south Floridians, the same line
is our indicator that fall has ended
and winter has begun

By that definition, Key West doesn’t have winter.

Of course they still get periodic blasts of cold air, just not enough to knock the long-term average below 60°.

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