Winter of our discontent

Naples Florida has withstood 13 days of winter so far.

The long term average is 18.

This bar chart shows a history of the annual number of winter days in Naples Florida, 1970 to present.  You know it’s a warm winter when we have less than 10 days that daytime high temperatures didn’t rise above 70° F.  The coldest winter in recent memory was 2009 when almost 50 days didn’t rise above 70° F.  The long-term average is 18.

What does it take to qualify as a winter day (in Naples)?

Answer: Any day that the daytime high temperature doesn’t rise above 70° F.

The inconvenient truth is that on some of those so-called winter days I’ve actually spotted people (presumably tourists from up north) swimming in the Gulf as if it were summer.

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