Winter the adjective

Winter is not just a verb (see previous post), it can also be an adjective — as in “winter” beach.

Here’s a visual comparison of summer and winter beach in Naples, Florida.
The first few clips are from September — which is still summer in Naples — and also the end of our wet season … so the clouds are threatening, but the surf is calm and the air is warm.
Compare that to winter beach filmed yesterday.  
On this day the wind was stout — a kite worthy sky and a surf full of chop — and by Naples standards: cold and blustery.
To throw a monkey wrench in the works, there was a burly fella swimming in the gulf, and then afterwards, walking along the surf line soaking wet and not seeming to mind.
“Let me guess, you must be visiting from somewhere north of the Arctic circle?” I asked.
“Close, Minnesota!” He responded.
It was a summer beach to him.

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