Winter the verb

The term “winter” is not a noun in Naples, it’s a verb – as in the sentence:

“Northernors ‘winter’ in Naples to avoid real ‘winter.'”

So when they visit during our winter dry season, they have certain expectations about sun and clear blue sky – and, most of all, no excuses!

Sometimes the skies aren’t so accommodating.

Case in point was our recent spell of fog … or was that smoke from a fire?

The truth is in south Florida … sometimes it’s both.

The smoke is mostly from prescribed burning in the Big Cypress and Everglades. Moisture conditions have been just right for controlled burns.

And meteorologic conditions have been just right for fog, caused by a stationary front up near Lake O that’s been siphoning tropical moisture from the south and a temperature inversion that’s keeping cold air at the surface.

That’s formed a fog bank off the coast that rolls onshore during the evening.

Saturday afternoon it was brilliant blue sky at our house, and hot. We hopped into the car for the 5 minute drive to the beach.

Halfway there ran into the fog bank.

Talk about a micro climate!

The air turned cold and damp, and since a sunset was now out of the question, we turned back – Plan B it would be: Sudgen Park

But even there we had to dig deep into the trunk to find every spare article of clothes we had.

The next day we made it to the beach and got our blue sky.

But out on the water, in the distance, sneaking in from the horizon – the fog bank was back on the prowl.

Or was that smoke?

Sometimes in south Florida we get both.

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