Winter “thirsty” season

Winter may be our dry season,

But it’s also our thirsty season as well.

Northern tourist season has begun

People “winter” (the verb) in Naples to escape “winter” (the noun) of the cold continental North.

More people means more water usage …

Or in other words, ground water pumping is on the rise.

Where does all that water go?

I calculated my household usage to be around six 32’long x 15’ wide x 3.5’ long swimming pools per year. The catch is I only drink about six 42.5 gallon barrels of it per year. (And usually not all at once!) The rest gets used to wash the dishes and clothes, in the bathrooms, watering the lawn and, yes, occasionally refilling our 32’ long x 15’ wide x 3.5’ deep swimming pool.

Why refill the pool when we don’t swim in it all winter long?

If water drops below the skimmer the pump starts sucking in air (and before you know it the motor burns out).

Could the same thing happen to our aquifer if we pump too much?

Here’s some water conservation tips just in case.

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