World’s smallest sunset

Is it still safe to call it “sunny” Florida despite the early onset of dusk?

The days are mostly sunny through the morning and mid afternoon hours, but yes, its true, like the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, days have finally ebbed to their sunlit low.

Today (Dec 21st) is the turning point:

From here on out – for the next 6 months – the hours of daylight will dilate …

Not that sunsets tomorrow or the next day or the next will be noticeably delayed – they won’t (other than of course that instantaneous and quite disorienting one-hour leap in daylight on the second week of March:

Otherwise it’s an imperceptibly slow process.

The photos do not show the sun set of the year’s “smallest” day – both were shot about a week ago when the days were still shortening.

But they were both taken over the “smallest” post office in the United States:

Better known as Ochopee, Florida

Zip Code 34141.

Close enough!

And yes, Florida is always “sunny” relatively speaking.

The sunset in Ochopee went down over one hour later (at 5:40 pm) than the 4:14 sunset over Cape Cod Bay in New England, as viewed from Wellfeet looking west toward Boston.

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