Worth of a pond apple?
Economics of natural resources

I always like say:

“So goes flood and fire, so goes the swamp.”

Big Cypress Pond apple in hand
A pond apple in the hand …

Every square inch of the swamp’s flora and fauna depend on the right dosage and return interval of flood and fire to stay healthy.

Or so my usual mantra goes.

But really economics is the bigger driver.

Markets both create and solve problems.

Big Cypress pond apple in the water in a cypress dome
is worth a pond apple in the water

Loving nature isn’t enough to save it. Getting the economics right is probably the best and only path to success. That means making sure we’re setting up an underlying economic structure (with eco-smart incentives) to move beyond talking about getting the flood and fire right, and actually doing it.

The swamp can’t talk, but if it could and if we did it would say thank you.

And maybe even give us a hug.

Yes, that’s right – trees hug back!

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