WP Franklin

Here’s a photo of the S79 WP Franklin Lock and Dam, looking downstream.
And Below is a 25 year overview of discharges that passed through it, in millions of acre feet per year.
Blue bars show the annual discharged volume for the full calendar year. Red bars show the discharge volume for the first 5 months of each year, from January 1st through the start of June.
Note that by the start of June in the El Nino influenced years of 1983 and 1998, a whopping 2 million acre feet had already passed through the S79.
To put that into more tangible terms, that’s about the same volume of water that the Lake is currently holding.
Looking at the high discharge years of 2005 and 1995, notice how most of their flows occurred after the start of June, during the traditional wet season; in contrast to relatively “average” summer discharges in 1983 and 1998.

Only 110,000 acre feet discharged through the S79 all of last year, and this year to date is even less than last year through the start of June: at only 20,000 acre feet.

I didn’t catch much in the papers on saltwater intrusion in the Caloosahatchee esturary. The winter rains (February, March, and May) must have been just enough to keep that in check, even though we had a dry May.
But I would have to look closer into that to confirm.
By the way, the S79 was named after Walter P Franklin of Ft Myers in 1969 in honor of his instrumental involvement in developing the Okeechobee Waterway, and other Florida water projects.
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