Wrong-way water cycle?

Is March the new June?

Consider the proof:

  • Stage at Corkscrew Swamp peaked in usually dry April (thanks to March rains) higher than it did the summer before.
  • Water levels have since dropped down 11-12 inches from that peak through the end of June.

March is usually the start of the heart of the spring drydown:

A 2-3 month period when the swamps go dry.

And June is usually our “soaking in” season:

When the startup of wet season rains re-fill the swamps.

In this case the swamp has actually “dropped down” to normal (instead of “rising” up and out of the dry season ashes as is normal):

The staff gage is reading right where it should be (or normally is).

At 17.2 ft above sea level …

That matches the 20-year median for the start of July.

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