Yeehaw Junction

Where’s the best place to shop on the day after Thanksgiving?

It’s probably not Yeehaw Junction.

But they’ll be a lot of traffic passing through.

Yeehaw Junction lies in the sleepy in-between ground of Florida — just off the turnpike, halfway between Orlando and halfway between coastal Vero, with one foot in reach of the Kissimmee River and the other in the St Johns.

The only thing there is a gas station and The Desert Inn.

When I was there earlier this month, out in front of the inn, taking these photographs, a couple rolled to a stop in their car, rolled down the window, and asked: “Which way to Tampa?”

“Go west on 60” I said, “you’ll get to ride over the Kissimmee.”

But then I hesitated.

“You better go inside just to make sure.”


Yet again, another customer seeking directions in The old Desert Inn.

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