Yes, it’s tough times in the newspaper industry. E…

Yes, it’s tough times in the newspaper industry. Even I have stopped buying many papers, although I used to read them each day. ACJ, NYT, and even the Sarasota and Naples paper more than a few times. Had a lengthy discussion last month about this very topic.

I thought of your blog when I drove through the Everglades a few days ago and saw one of the monitoring stations. I’m in Key West right now, and am heading towards Naples on Sunday or Monday. If I knew where you worked I would stop by and say hello. I did see an interesting pool at the end of one Big Cypress NWR park – full of alligators, blue herons and egrets. So far, gators have been everywhere I’ve gone. I’m sure a picture post will be forthcoming when (if?) I return to ATL. Viewing this from a laptop in Key West right now, so excuse the clumsyness.

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